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Plastic Twilight

The recent Dazed and Another Man cover stars are immortalised in the form of limited-edition Barbie dolls

We were thinking of selling a joint bumper pack of this year's Dazed September issue featuring Kristen Stewart and the latest issue of AnotherMan featuring Robert Pattinson to all of you Twilight lovers out there. But now that Kristin and Robert have been turned into special-edition Barbie dolls of their Twilight characters Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, we're thinking these would be far better gifting options for the hardcore stalkers among you. No longer will you have to hang out outside hotels rooms, now you can have you very own bloodthirsty adventures with these plastic vampires, it will be just like keeping a celebrity at home Misery-style. Sure, these are hardly of Star Wars standards but we think the machine elves at Barbie have probably just about captured the right level of vampiric palid skintone but perhaps Bella could have been given more of a moody and pained expression, given the amount of heartbreak she'll experience in the new Twilight film.

Twilight dolls priced at £30 each and fans can sign up for at text alert service at Symths Toys to let them know when these dolls are in stock.Twilight Saga: New Moon out in the UK from November 20.