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Boudicca's Tornado Dress Film

Back in September, Boudicca created a special tornado dress for the window of the Matches store and here is the film of the dress in motion.

We wrote about Boudicca's construction and documentation of the Tornado dress, which went into the window of Matches in September, with the accompanying film playing alongside it. Filmmaker Ben Bannister made the film incorporating a lot of CGI work to fully realise the rapid movement of the paper, wires and ribbon wrapping around the mannequin. Here is the video that has now been fully soundtracked and finished.

In other Boudicca news, Zowie Broach and Brian Kirkby have continued their fascination with video presentation with their S/S 10 lookbook. Entitled 'Real Girl', on the Boudicca website, you can see all the looks of S/S 10 in stop motion movement to get a better feel of all the angles of the garments.

You need to have the Macromedia Flash plugin installed to be able to play this video.