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And You Love...

Arnsdorf's new collection. Titled exactly that for a S/S 10 line catered to the graceful and romantic girl-next-door

Still, graceful, haunting and romantic, Arnsdorf has captured a generation of Australian dreamers with its girlish whimsy and silent strength. Reminiscent of 90s Californian beauties- think Brooke Shields for Calvin Klein- Arnsdorf has now added another dimension to the label’s already richly layered dynamic. Drawing on the quiet power of feminity for S/S 09-10, Arnsdorf takes the girl next door, rolls her together with natures grubby handed, intrepid explorer and adds a generous dose of simple, just-as-she-is sex appeal for one hell of a covetable package. ‘And You Love’ is a collection bursting with a myriad of conflicting elements- modernity and nostalgia, softness and toughness, innocence and sex. Arnsdorf designer Jade Sarita Arnott talks to Dazed Digital about ice skaters, parachuters and the endless Australian sky…
Dazed Digital: Who is Arnsdorf?
Arnsdorf: Arnsdorf is an Australia based label, designed by Jade Sarita Arnott. Since its debut season in 2007, the label has grown both locally and internationally. The direction of the label is defined by the designer Jade Sarita Arnott who is interested in exploring narrative, story and relationships through the design and wear of her clothes. As such, each collection leads the audience through a distinct and often playful journey through predefined dialogue and themes.
DD: What is Arnsdorf S/S 10 about?
Arnsdorf: The idea behind the And You Love collection is about moving forward and the concept and pursuit of considered danger. It's about the idea of taking a risk which may seem dangerous, but that is actually more dangerous or risky not to take.  They are themes which seem to run through my own life at the moment and seem relevant to the current times.
At the same time I began to be drawn to the aesthetics of ice skating costumes and parachuters' equipment, and then I saw a link between the two, and the ice skaters and parachuters' actions became metaphors for being pursuits that appeared risky, but on closer inspection would be more so if not undertaken with decisive precision and strength. It was my intention to give the garments these qualities of elegance, fluidity, precision and strength and sort of empower the person wearing the clothes with these elements.

DD: If there was a soundtrack or song to define the collection, what would it be and why?
Arnsdorf: It would definitely have to be the album 'Hawk Medicine' by Lazarus. It was an album that came into my hands during the creation of the collection and which I played almost constantly so it really has a strong link to this particular collection and the feeling of it. It formed the soundtrack for the show and the title of the collection And You Love was taken from a line from one of the songs on the album. There is a real emotional intensity in the music, a combination of strength and fragility.
DD: What inspired the sexy cut-outs and patchwork that runs through the collection?
Arnsdorf: The cut-outs and patchwork in silk mesh, silk georgette and sand washed silks and jersey were the references to the ice-skaters' costumes and parachutes, and parachute strings are woven through empty sections of dresses in organic linen.  

DD: Who is the ultimate Arnsdorf woman?
Arnsdorf: The ultimate Arnsdorf woman is intelligent and thoughtful, and is inspired by images, music, art, words and clothing.
DD: How does designing from an Australian perspective effect Arnsdorf's collections?
Arnsdorf: Australia is a country with a great sense of spaciousness, there is something special about seeing so much sky and having direct access to nature. I think there are currents of this sense of calmness running through Arnsdorf collections.
DD: If you weren't designing what would you be doing?
Arnsdorf: I would be an artist.
DD: What are Arnsdorf's plans for the future?
Arnsdorf: Arnsdorf has some very exciting developments coming up in the near future, mainly with expanding the label overseas.
DD: Does Arnsdorf stock anywhere in Europe or online?
Arnsdorf: Arnsdorf has an online store that ships all over the world. The next range 'No One Belongs In My Suitcase More Than You' was just shown during London Fashion Week for the first time and we have had strong interest from some amazing European stockists but waiting for order confirmations before I can reveal them. Check the stockist page on the website over the next few weeks!
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