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Lagerfeld Doll

K Karl Lagerfeld collaborates with Tokidoki to create 'Mini Karl'

It's no news that Karl Lagerfeld is now officially the designer with the most merchandise brandishing his self-image. Another Karl tribute comes in the shape of a mini Lagerfeld doll courtesy of Tokidoki. K Karl Lagerfeld is collaborating with the Japanese inspired brand on a limited edition mini 'Karl Lagerfeld' doll. Lagerfeld, an avid lover of modern pop culture and Japanese inspired art, says: “I am very flattered that I became a Tokidoki. I always loved them and I am very happy to be one of them”...

Combining Tokidoki's (which means “sometimes” in Japanese) craftsmanship of vinyl toys and accessories all inspired by Japanese culture with the K Karl Lagerfeld denim brand, the outcome is a playful and inventive creation by Simone Legno of Tokidoki.

Mini Karl, completely dressed in K Karl Lagerfeld, stands at 25 cm tall and is finished in black, white, chrome, embellished with rhinestones and reflects the designer’s instantly recognisable look. Each figure will include an individually numbered certificate of authenticity as inevitably fake Karl dolls will emerge.

Mini Karl will launch exclusively at colette in October, and will hit stores world-wide pre Christmas. Mini Karl retails for £118. For Spring 2010, Mini Karl will also appear on a small selection of K Karl Lagerfeld graphic tees.