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Falling In Love is a Risk

Yang Du presents her whimsical fashion exhibition at the Assembly Rooms, London

Featuring an array of knitted pork chop jumpers, cactus hats to beaded bears and tuxedos with elephant headwear, Yang Du's new exhibition hints at her artistic past of painting before she adventurously launched herself into fashion design. When she realised that fashion too could be seen as a medium of artistic expression in itself, she created a surrealist world of playful accessories of which Du says, "I am happy when people tell me that my collection made them laugh"...
Evidentally she maintains a sense of irony and humour, tending to project her ideas based her collected thoughts, objects, and sketches that lead to the final collection today, so of course it is easy to see that she cites Franco Moschino as an influence.
'Falling In Love Is A Risk' is a multi-media exhibition of Yang Du's collections, an invitation to take an intimate look at her whimsical designs, from film projections to furry apparel and photography that catalogue the moments of inspiration for her wonderfully extravagant fashion designs.

Yang Du's exhibition runs from the 10th October to 27th November at The Assembly Rooms, 8 Silver Place, London, W1F 0JU. All the items can be purchased from Tien at The Tien website is currently under construction but soon will stock items available to purchase directly from there.