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Gourmet Shoes

A chat with the founders of the luxury streetwear shoe company with a difference

Gourmet is the Italian American inspired luxury streetwear shoe company with roots in skateboarding but a trajectory aimed far from that niche. Between Gourmet’s three owners Jon Buscemi, Greg Lucci and Greg Johnsen, their cult collective resumes include global product director of DC Shoes, launching adidas Originals, Vice President of Zoo York, Supreme designer and founder of Situationnormal.

Dazed Digital: Let’s start with inspirations for Gourmet from working in the skateboard industry?
Jon Buscemi: The label started to escape the day-to-day grind of the corporate mindset. We have all made our past companies millions and millions of dollars from projects started and ran by our talents and design. When we formed Gourmet, we were still working for these companies and it was an easy transition. I worked at DC for almost four years and I like to think I got my masters degree in shoe making there. I sucked the place dry of knowledge.

DD: What aspects of Italian American culture inspire Gourmet and what do you love about them?
Jon Buscemi: Having the design houses from Italy and their lineage to pull from makes it very special.
Greg Lucci: It starts with Ellis Island when the majority of Italian immigrants came to America - including mine. The rest is the evolution of the culture in America.

DD: It’s Gourmet, let’s talk food - top three meals and restaurants?
Jon Buscemi:
1. Fresh paparadelle with a fried egg and shaved Alba white truffle from Giorgio Baldi in Pacific Palisades. Giorgios is one of the best in the US and is located in the Palisades right near our office. The quality of the food is second to none
2. Two slices and a Coke from Joes's of Bleeker Street NYC. By far the best pizza in the US, maybe the world. The ingredients and the ovens. It's the simple things in life.
3. T-Bone for two, think-cut bacon strips, sliced tomatoes and onion with sauce and creamed spinach at Peter Luger (Great Neck, Long Island). Best steak in NY, bar none.

Greg Lucci:
1. Steak and mashed potatoes with a fresh watermelon salad, prepared and cooked by my wife. She’s a gourmet cook!
2. Fresh pasta from Angela’s Pasta, Wine and Cheese shop with my mum’s meat sauce. The best!
3. New England seafood in the summer time.

DD: ‘High fashion for the regular guy.’ A nice quote if a little difficult to lock down.
Jon Buschemi: We are the regular guy. The underdogs in the fashion world. We don't look the part and you would never expect it. We are also traditionalists.The appreciation for our pasts and former influences are put into every design. 

DD: You pride the label on the difference that Gourmet offers.
Greg Lucci: The difference is an original point of view in concepts and design. Better fabrics without robbing the consumer.

Available in the UK at Harvey Nichols and Goodhood
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