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Simon Preen at Urban Outfitters

The London College of Fashion graduate who has previously worked with Pam Hogg is debuting his range of bodycon pieces.

If all the press coverage of London Fashion Week is making you ache to actually go out and buy something, might we suggest Simon Preen’s debut collection that has just gone on sale exclusively in Urban Outfitters. The 26 year-old London College of Fashion graduate honed his craft working with Pam Hogg on her triumphant return to London Fashion Week last season, when he also contributed to the ‘House of Blue Eyes’ collective show. Hogg’s love of bodysuits seems to have rubbed off on Preen, who creates his own versions in bold black and white geometric designs and in black lace finished with contrasting leather power shoulders. Long-sleeve mini dresses, cropped leather jackets and leggings complete his capsule collection, which is all hand made and starts from a very reasonable £70.

Dazed Digital: Who would you say you design your clothes for?
Simon Preen: Mostly myself, that's generally where it starts. Dressing myself is one of my favorite things. I would like to overcome fixed gender in the way we dress so I don't design with any specific gender in mind. I do have obvious masculine and feminine influences but it's good play with the balance.

DD: Who else would you like to see in your clothes?
Simon Preen: Obviously all the people who inspire me, which is mostly bands from the 80's who wouldn't look so good in it now! I would love to dress Polly Harvey. I’m putting some stuff together for the band An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump at the moment and collaborating on stage stuff for my good friend DJ turned emerging pop star Scarlett Ettiene.

DD: How did your collaboration with Urban Outfitters come about?
Simon Preen: I had been talking to one of the girls there about doing some stuff for a while but when they saw the stuff I showed with House of Blue Eyes they got more serious and it all happened really quickly. Before I knew it I had an order to deal with, which has been quite scary.

DD: You mentioned you've shown as part of House of Blue Eyes - would you like to have a solo show at LFW one day?
Simon Preen: One day I would like to yeah, but right now that seems so far off my radar. I’m only just starting to put my own work out there and I find it hard to have too many things going on at the same time so I have to take it step by step. I’m essentially a one-man band and for me just to produce a collection on time takes a lot of effort. If I tried to throw a catwalk show in at the end of that I think it would scramble by brain, but I'm in no rush.

Simon Preen is exclusively in-store at Urban Outfitters now.