Uniqlo x Jil Sander Countdown

This Thursday the first of October will see the launch of +J, the new collection at Uniqlo from Jil Sander

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    The global launch of Uniqlo's +J collection as designed by Jil Sander is upon us this week where key stores such as the UNIQLO 311 Oxford Street flagship store, 170 Oxford Street, and the Westfield London branches will be the first stores globally to sell the collection.

    Consisting of men’s and women’s clothing from outerwear, tailoring, denim, knitwear, shirts, jersey and sweats to accessories, the collection will combine Jil Sander’s pure and minimal aesthetic with UNIQLO’s contemporary clothing.

    The collection wll also be available to purchase on their website www.uniqlo.com from Thursday, October 1st.
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