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Jean Pierre Braganza S/S 10 'Psychadelactica'

Malcolm Pate works with designer Jean Pierre Braganza again to create a film that role reverses Adam and Eve.

Filmmaker Malcolm Pate has once again worked with designer Jean Pierre Braganza to create a film for his S/S 10 Psychadelatica collection which will be presented in Paris next week. Here, Pate introduces us to the film...

I've worked with Jean-Pierre before, so I generally knew what I was getting myself into; sci-fi and rock & roll are his main influences, so it was easy to get the vibe right in the past, but with him introducing an almost rainbow like print into things, and with it being spring/summer, we decided to do something that almost borders on romantic...

I was thinking about Adam and Eve and a sort of role reversal, Eve building and maintaining Adam
with pieces of herself, breaking them off her dresses and snapping them onto him.

Gary Card made this faceted, hulking, gunmetal black Adam, which almost towers over Eve, whose face is covered in a clear crystalline mask made by Alex Box, so there's very little to relate to in terms of humanity, but there's a sweetness to it when you see her basically dismantle herself for him.

The film features five looks from the upcoming collection, which is being shown at a presentation in Paris, but is works more as a trailer or mood-board for what the whole thing is about.

Director Malcolm Pate
Robot "Adam" Design Gary Card @ CLM
"Eve" Mask Alex Box @ D+V
Make Up / Hair Crystabel Riley
Model Morwenna Lytton-Cobbold

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