Todd Lynn Womenswear S/S10

We took a look at the rock 'n' roll tinged collection featuring dark tones and cocky attitudes

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Todd Lynn’s spring/summer 2010 collection, shown at Somerset House, took a trip to desert plains, paying homage to fifth century Tuareg queen Tin Hinan. In sludgy tones of dust and the obligatory rock ‘n’ roll black, onlookers included sole man Christian Louboutin, Roland Mouret and jeweller Shaun Leane, whose evil metal shoulders burst from two showpiece blazers. The skinny panted contingent enjoyed a soundtrack composed by Dirty Pretty Things’/Libertines’ Gary Powell as models stomped down the catwalk in jagged furs and leather, styled by Dazed and AnOther's Joanna Schlenzka.

Dazed Digital: You took a trip east this season...
Todd Lynn: Yes, it was all about the desert this time. I think it's a collection with roots in the past as well as roots in the future. It’s rooted in history but about transforming old techniques to hopefully become modern.

DD: And you introduced jersey for the first time. It brought a romance to the sharpness of your tailoring...
Todd Lynn: We found an amazing jersey to work with and I think that’s what needed to be added this time. The soft with the hard.

DD: You finally collaborated with your friend Shaun Leane too, something you’ve wanted to do for a while...
Todd Lynn: It felt amazing. I’m hoping it’s the beginning of many projects! I really like doing those collaborations because you get to work with people you admire or that you see a piece of yourself in, you know? You can create something like a hyper-combination of the two of you.

DD: You have a strong history of it - you’ve worked with Christian Louboutin on the shoes from the start and Gary Powell has done the last few bespoke soundtracks. It's fair to say you like the idea of surrounding yourself with an ongoing 'team'?
Todd Lynn: The idea of a team is really important, because hopefully you get shows that become more focused and complete as a result. Bigger and better every season...

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