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Ashish Womenswear S/S10

The sequin king took us on the world cruise that was relaxed but with plenty of attitude.

Ashish didn't physically go on holiday but in his head, a world cruise from all over America to Africa took place and thus transferred over to sequinned pieces with literal depictions of maps and landmarks that looked like walking shimmering postcards. Offset with the sequins were tokens of style from sunny holiday destinations; shredded Bo Derek-esque tees, tie-dye back packs and Hawaii shirts. Exploring an element of sportswear, Ashish worked with Nike this season to produce sequinned homages to the famous tick. The visual postcards were then punctuated with heavy duty studs all over bleached denim jackets that hung louchely much like most of the collection.

Dazed Digital: What was the starting point?
Ashish: This was escapism but a much more relaxed escapism. There were dreams, a little more romantic, chilled out and a lot sexier. I haven't been on holidays in ages and thought 'oh my god that would be lovely' so I based my collection on a dream holiday. Italy, France, Africa, America and Hawaii - I'd love to go on a world cruise around those places!

DD: Nike seems quite an interesting collaboration.
Ashish: I've been quite obsessed with sportswear and I got in touch with them and they got excited because they like what I do. We thought it would be quite a cool thing to do a homage to Nike, almost like a tribute.

DD: Where did those amazing studs come from?
Ashish: I was looking at youth coutures and with the holiday thing I started looking at punks and I thought it would be interesting to do glamour punks and not go down the retro route. So I thought it would be great to mix them up with softer things like flowers and icecreams.

DD: Where would you like to go on holiday?
Ashish: I'd love to go to Hawaii!