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Louise Gray Womenswear S/S10

"Oh no babe" is a collection of pick 'n' mix separates for Gray's vision of the London girl.

Louise Gray couldn't have gotten her vision of 80s/90s London girl having fun fun fun anymore right than she did with her S/S 10 collection entitled "Oh no babe". Colourful, energetic and with loads going on, Gray went with the instict of creating clothes she'd wear herself and in turn will probably gain a few Louise Gray style adoptors.

Gray has upgraded from applying fabric swatches to layering fabrics to make a whole new textile texture. Accessorised with shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood and trashbag knotting by Judy Blame, Gray's second presentation was full of the sort of clothes from which most girls could find something killer to love and if the collection wasn't cheery enough, her collaboration with the Smiley Company brings you smiley faced bombers, embroidered tees, bustier and leather skirts. 

Dazed Digital: Who's this 80s/90s babe then?
Louise Gray: She's a total babe! She's someone I dreamed of and she's also a mixture of me, London and having fun. I wanted to capture that essence of that London girl. I've lived here six years and it just feels like me!

DD: There's been a lot of muted collections floating about and you've gone against the grain completely.
Louise Gray: Everybody's taking finance into consideration but I'm like 'No!' and I did this (collection) for this specific reason. I try to remind myself every season that there has to be that sense of fun. I don't want to stop doing that otherwise I'd NOT want to do it anymore!

DD: How have you developed your embroidery techniques?
Louise Gray: I'm working with a print designer to make these 3-D fabrics, not necessarily embroidered and then it became this sort of jigsaw pattern that would piece together.

DD: How did the Smiley collaboration happen?
Louise Gray: They contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in doing it and I just thought it was so cool, fun and colourful and it was a charity and everything. Even though it's separate, there's an essence of this funny happy world.

DD: It's the second time you've done a presentation but are you hoping to go back and do a show?
Louise Gray: I think I could now! I could go either way. Working with set designers is a different vision. It's still 50/50 really! Ask me at the end of the day!

DD: And Judy Blame, how did that happen?
Louise Gray: When I decided on this 80s East London kind of girl, I just decided that I'm going to ask Judy and it's so fitting what with 25 years of London Fashion Week and he's been doing it for 30 years. And yeah, he was totally excited and it turned out really well!

We also had to get some words from the man himself...

DD: How would you describe working with Louise Gray?
Judy Blame: It took her ages to call me up and I was so glad she did! Me and Louise really come from the same thing where we love crafting a piece of clothing or accessory and I knew immediately that we'd get on. They're fabulous clothes! I'm trying to blag a suit or t-shirt out of her!