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Zero Maria Cornejo Womenswear S/S10

With a utilitarian appeal, Maria Cornejo held her new collection show at the Hosfelt Gallery on Monday

City and nature collided at the Zero + Maria Cornejo show held at the Hosfelt Gallery on Monday morning. “The dynamic relationship we have with our surroundings; the beautiful tension of organic elements pushing through the cement of an urban landscape are what inspired me most,” explained the designer in her program notes. The collection kicked off with asymmetrical origami-like white linen dresses, soon followed by flowing silk tops, dresses and harem pants in a black and white pattern much like the rings of a tree. With plenty of twisted seam work and prints straight from the great outdoors (grass, water, wood, etc.), Cornejo was able to achieve an exciting sense of optical illusion.

A sleek navy waterproof nylon jackets had an ultra utilitarian appeal, and there were several striking leather jackets fit for downtown urbanites. The models were accessorized with tough wooden cuff bracelets and neck pieces by Saltlamacchia for Zero + Maria Cornejo, while Eileen Shields took care of the footwear, which included black leather heels cut open to expose half of each foot. Simply put, Cornejo’s collection was a breath of fresh air to the fashion set.