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Rad Hourani Womenswear S/S10

The Montrealite continues to push his own brand of unisex and distinctly reference-lacking clothes.

PhotographyMark ReayTextSusie Lau

Rad Hourani is brutally honest and candid about the fact that there aren't any inspiration images, reference points or seasonal muses, i.e. the type of information that makes good press tidbits. Hourani liked zippers, so he had them running around trousers, jacket sleeves and the backs so that you can transform garments into different shapes. For summer cool, he has built in elastic straps into jackets so that you wear them on the back, which on the runway looked like the back of a simplified obi belt. Practical points were thought-out but then executed in the androgynous style that Hourani has honed in on throughout his collections.

Dazed Digital: What were you trying to evoke with this collection?
Rad Hourani: It's just a transformation from the season before. I don't really make a 'statement' which each collection. I never really liked zippers but now it I wanted to play with the zippers. You can make jackets shorter, trousers into shorts and even on the sides you can make things tighter with the zippers so there's a transformation element.

DD: What's the idea behind the rucksack/back jackets?
Rad Hourani: Every jacket has an elastic so when it's hot you can slip it on your shoulders. You don't need to wear a bag and you can just put things in the pocket. It's such a simple idea and I mean, it's nothing new as Helmut Lang has done it but I think everyone should do it.

DD: Do you think you've added something new to wearing men wearing heels?
Rad Hourani: I always wanted a heel even as a kid. I never found anything that was masculine/feminine. I mean there were heels in the 70s' which I found too heavy. Then there's gothic heels which are really chunky. I wanted a shoe that is unisex and it's not too feminine or masculine.

DD: How do you feel about people pigeon-holing your clothes?
Rad Hourani: You can't see any reference in my clothes. It's a mix of everything. When I feel dark, light, happy and sad, it's there. Masculine and feminine. I don't think you can just say it's one thing. I don't like to have a reference, like "this season we're doing 70s". I'm anti-trend and the pieces don't go out of style and I want people to go on wearing them time after time.