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Box artwork for Damir Doma

Six Scents: Series Two

Phillip Lim, Henry Holland, Damir Doma, Henrik Vibskov, Richard Nicoll, and Toga have come together with Six Scents in a multimedia and sensory collaboration.

In the lucrative world of fragrance and perfumes, celebrity scents seem to litter the industry; beckoning consumers to “smell like their fave” pop-star or failing personality. For the major fashion houses it’s a big bucks business with new additions being introduced seasonally to meet demands; which is why it is refreshing to see a new partnership between a group of talented designers and perfumers known as the Six Scents.

This fresh initiative now in its second series was founded by New York based Kaya Sorhaindo and Joseph Quartana and brings together the knowledge and expertise of fine perfumers and the creative concepts and imaginations of a select group of designers to produce “Six Scents”. But this project reaches out to more than just the sense of smell with a multimedia experience that uses stories, film, art pieces and photographic contributions to represent a global collection of views on creativity and culture.

For this second series the team explored the idea of nature as muse with each designer being asked to imagine a place, action and person that would be the basis for the fragrance. The perfumers collaborating on the project then interpreted these stories and inspirations to help craft the scents. “We created Series Two as a multimedia and multi-sensory collection to spread environmental awareness and preservation through experiences of nature as a symbol and source of all creativity.” Says Aramique Krauthamer, Six Scents Parfums Story Director. The idea being that each of these media forms will instigate the goal of protecting the environment so that others can understand and appreciate the importance and power of nature in the future.

The designers for this project include Phillip Lim, Henry Holland, Damir Doma, Henrik Vibskov, Richard Nicoll, and Toga and a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the limited edition bottles will go to Pro-Natura, a charity for rural populations in the developing world that aims to tackle economic, social and environmental issues that face these communities.

To accompany the perfumes, award winning contemporary artist Marco Brambilla has had the opportunity to produce a short film to tell the story about each of the fragrances. Makoto Azuma a floral artist has created six botanical sculptures to express the idea behind each of the scents and finally the project is rounded off with photographer Justin Edward John Smith capturing the entire process and inspiration, forming the basis of the artwork of the boxes. 

Individually numbered and custom packaged, the fragrances will be available from October worldwide with retailers including Liberty in London, Colette in Paris and Henri Bendel in New York.

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