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Left: Sarah Barton, Right: Antigone Pieri

Reiss 1971 Winners

Sarah Barton and Antigone Pieri are the winners of Reiss and DazedDigital’s 1971 t-shirt design competition.

To celebrate Reiss’s launch of their new 1971 range, DazedDigital launched a t-shirt design competition that called for interpretations of the brief ‘1971’. We received over 600 entries and over 30,000 votes were placed. From the top ten that garnered the most amount of votes, both Reiss and Dazed had the tough decision of choosing two designs that would subsequently be printed on a women's and menswear tee.

Antigone Pieri’s reinterpreation of Rolling Stone’s famous album cover and Sarah Barton’s vision of a 1971 pendant dripping with symbolic charms were finally selected as the two final winners who will have their designs printed onto t-shirts and sold as part of Reiss’s 1971 A/W 09 collection in stores as well as receiving £500 worth of Reiss vouchers. We spoke to both Pieri and Barton to found out more about them as illustrators and how they came up with their designs.

Antigone Pieri
Dazed Digital: What's your background as an illustrator?
Antigone Pieri: I just graduated from University for the Creative Arts of Epsom. As a Graphic Designer i am particularly interested in Illustration.

DD: What is your work all about?
Antigone Pieri: My work is more abstract and initially hand illustrated. As fashion is my fetish some of my projects are fashion illustration. Great ideas might come up from any random moment of my life. I get inspiration looking at random stuff in the road, in the shops, people, travelling and places from everywhere.

DD: How did you come up with your design for Reiss?
Antigone Pieri: After I did my research on the 1971 concept I came up with two designs for t-shirts. ‘Rolling 1971’ is a different representation of the famous logo of the band. They did their Good-Bye Britain Tour and released their first own labelled album in 1971.

Sarah Barton
Dazed Digital: What's your background as an illustrator?
Sarah Barton: From an early age l’ve been passionate about drawing and painting and l have always pursed art throughout my education. In September 2008 l graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA degree in Fine Art.

DD: What is your work all about?
Sarah Barton: Throughout University my work was mainly illustrative and l mainly produced intricate pencil drawings or large scale paintings using oils.

DD: How did you come up with your design for Reiss?
Sarah Barton: I originally came up with my design from looking at the themes Reiss 1971 had chosen for their collection and the current fashion trends of studs, embellishments and chains.  When researching into the events and icons of 1971 l found a number of different ideas and I decided to take the chain one step further and use it to create a necklace full or charms or memorabilia that l felt would illustrate 1971.  I picked these charms for various reasons, mainly because they focused on the fun and positive aspects of that year.  The moon represents the moment when Alan Shepard became the first man to hit a golfball on the moon! The platform because they where the ‘height’ of fashion in 1971. I used bird wings in the design to represent freedom and was inspired by some stamps l found that where printed in 1971. How could l not include a space hopper one of the most popular toys that year, as l feel it represents fun and youth! And finally the LP as mentioned in the brief is because of the connections made between music and fashion during this period.  I wanted all these concepts of fun, fashion, music, freedom and youth to be represented and connected together in one illustration to produce something that would fit well within the Reiss collection.

The rest of the following top ten that will get £100 worth of Reiss vouchers as well as a pair of 1971 jeans:
Melissa Murillo, Simon Bleasdale, Anne-Lise Weinberger, Charlotte Kan, Vanessa Teodoro, Anna Young, Zaim Kamal, Alexandra Lord