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Photos by Michael Smits

Andrea Cammarosano (Antwerp, Belgium)

After graduating last June, the designer hailing from Trieste explores ideas of protection and uniform with his latest collection.

After graduating last June, Andrea Cammarosano started working for Walter van Beirendonck where he assisted in designing and curating a line of accessories, leaving him enough time to continue creating collections under his name. Focusing on the very experimental side of fashion, “because I believe that's what brings me most joy and understanding”, his last collection, 'Bury Me Standing', presented between Vienna and Arnhem, was made with great extreme. He researched the idea of clothing as 'protection' and 'identity'. Identity was represented by surreal military clothing. "This kind of clothing is extremely codified and i believe it is the ultimate language of fashion." With that, he created 6 different polyester protective cocoons that encapsulated the body and forced it in upright position.

Dazed Digital: Where do you live?
Andrea Cammarosano: Antwerp, Belgium

DD: Where are you from?
Andrea Cammarosano: Trieste, Italy

DD: How old are you?
Andrea Cammarosano: 24

DD: Why did you become interested in fashion?
Andrea Cammarosano: Because looks tell the truth. Or tell the false, which is even better.

DD: Tell us about your collection?
Andrea Cammarosano: My last collection, 'Bury Me Standing' A/W 2009, takes the idea of garments as identity and protection to an extreme point, where surreal military uniforms are worn inside rigid polyester cocoons. These cocoons force the body in upright position, so they are a kind of hexoskeleton, a space for the body to disappear and articolate again.

DD: Why do you think Antwerp is such a fashion town?
Andrea Cammarosano: Because its small and concentrated. Its a village, a city and an artists' commune all together.

DD: Tell us about your collaboration with Walter Ven Beirendonck?
Andrea Cammarosano: Walter is a great guy, somebody who's been putting out so much energy and creativity in all these years. He is a very sweet person and its great fun to work around him. Its amazing that after all this time he is so active and regardless of conventions. He is also extremely concerned and supportive of the young designers that he believes in. In some way, it's like a family.

DD: Where do you seek for inspiration?
Andrea Cammarosano: Just everywhere around me, really. Food is very important for me, i believe that we are what we eat. I like to design with my stomach and if i can with my brain, i don't use the heart so much but eventually i fall in love with the objects that inspired me. I also love the male body. Beauty also - not the thin anorexic kind of beauty of minimal mens fashion, but the stunning beauty that crashes you into pieces and is too much for you and gives you a hardon at the same time. I think that pain, beauty and pleasure are very closely intertwined.

DD: What are the difficulties faced being a designer today?
Andrea Cammarosano: Well, an obvious difficulty is to combine creativity with sellability. Another is to combine attention both for the product and for the message. And then there is the question of prices, costs and quantities.

DD: What are your plans for the future?
Andrea Cammarosano: I want to send out good messages and good products.

DD: Who is your favorite designer?
Andrea Cammarosano: One of them is Bernard Wilhelm.

DD: What makes you happy?
Andrea Cammarosano: Happiness, achievement, friends, food, love, justice.

DD: With whom you would like to collaborate?
Andrea Cammarosano: Angelo Figus, Grace Jones, my friends.

DD: Where can we see your work?
Andrea Cammarosano: I just exposed at the Arnhem Mode Biennale and am soon going to expose at the Walter Store (Antwerp). I am co-curating an exhibition at Museums Quartier Vienna in 2010 and in the same year I will exhibit my new collection, 'I_AM_A MONSTER', which is absolutely monstrous in every sense.
Meanwhile, check out my website at