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Allien Fashion

Dazed speak to Ellen Allien, founder of the Berlin record label BPitch Control upon the release of the second season of her fashion line featuring rough-cut denim and printed tees in candy colours.

The producer/DJ/label-owner turned designer reveals it was her original dream to pursue fashion, applying her lifelong desire for creativity to her line for A/W09. The pieces for Ellen Allien Fashion include her breed of designer denim, patched up and industrial, whilst wearable and modern. The denim dress is a rather on-trend testament to the line's femininity with mid-length sleeves and decorative stitching. As like her BPitch Control label, the ideas in the collection are inspired and based around urban life, hence the architectural structures and straight lines. However, she is adamant it is a line made to be worn for comfort, for example to be no less, than 'rave-compatible'.

Dazed Digital: Why did you decide to go into fashion design?
Ellen Allien: In the past I was already engaged in fashion: my desire was to study Fashion Design, that is why I attended a professional tailoring school. However I quit after one and a half years. This due to one simple reason: my interest towards music won over fashion. After several years my passion towards fashion just came up again.
Since the existence of my label BPitch Control I have always invented and designed lots of merchandising items and at some point the time had come- I decided to create my own fashion line, clothes that have to be comfortable, sexy and and with an edgy style.

DD: Do you do all the designing yourself?
Ellen Allien: Yes, I create the designs, I pick out the material and my best friend and designer Markus Stich helps me with the production. His speciality is tailor-made suits for men.

DD: What do you think are the links between creating fashion and creating music?
Ellen Allien: It is the lifestyle that can be felt through both, my music and my fashion line: freedom and creativity made in Berlin. What matters to me is to be able to throw my clothes into my bag and that at night I just need to take them out and wear them without ironing. Actually ironing Ellen Allien fashion items is forbidden. Rule number two: clothes have to be comfortable, the materials have to feel and fit like a second skin. Well, clothes have to be rave-compatible. In the end you need to be able to rave all night long with your clothes on....

DD: Do you see the clothes as made for people who are of the Bpitch Control dynamic or do you design for everybody?
Ellen Allien: Ellen Allien fashion is for everybody that appreciates the style and that wants to share that vibe with me.

DD: Which fashion designers do you admire?
Ellen Allien: Chanel, Rick Owens, Ann Demeulemeester.

DD: What do you plan for the future? Home design? Shoe design?
Ellen Allien: At the moment we´re working on a BPitch Control exhibition; the exhibited works will all be created by BPitch Control artists in the broader sense (musicians, graphic designers, photographers, etc) The motto is: 'make art that goes beyond of what you normally do'. On this occasion I will design some pieces of furniture. I also thought of creating some new jewellery pieces for Ellen Allien fashion.

Ellen Allien's fashion line is available from Apartment in Berlin and online.
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