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Rad by Rad Hourani

Rad Hourani takes the next step by launching his diffusion line at the Soho Grand Hotel last week.

Despite unbearably hot temperatures, the downtown fashion pack crowded in the Soho Grand's outdoor garden for the first glimpse of RAD by Rad Hourani, a new diffusion line presented by the up-and-coming Canadian designer. Though it seems a bit premature for Hourani to be launching this collection already, (after all, he's only been in business for four seasons) he is eager for his dark and minimalist vision to spread. "The team is growing in New York and Paris," Hourani says. "I felt it was the right time to launch the collection, as we've been getting many requests about an affordable line from retailers and clients that can't afford the main line."

While Hourani's main line uses plenty of leather, cashmere and other high-end fabrics, RAD by Rad consists of more affordable cottons and jerseys, but maintains the designer's affinity for angular, razor-cut fashions. "It's a unisex second line based on the same aesthetics of my main line, but with a touch of casual, urban wear to it," says Hourani. "I'm always into long, straight, sharp and slick silhouettes, geometric shapes that, by the use of noble, fluid materials, can come alive through the movement of the wearer." Among Hourani's fifteen androgenous looks are perfectly draped jackets with jagged lapels, skinny jeans with zippered slits over the knee, and oversized printed tees all paired with chunky black square toe boots. The lack of button or zip closure on the outerwear may seem unfinished to some, but it does add to the clothing's slouchy, relaxed appeal. The mostly black, white and grey collection also included a dash of color in the form of a bright red jacket.

With lower price points ranging from $100 to $400, RAD by Rad will be available online this November at Hourani's main line is currently available in limited locations including Seven New York, Feathers London, Reborn in his hometown Montreal and Holt Renfrew in Toronto, but the designer will confirm more retailers following this coming fashion week.