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Under My Umbrella

London Undercover challenges everything we think we know about umbrellas with their quirky designs and witty take on British icons.

There’s something about London Undercover’s unique creations that makes you wish you were toe tapping and singing in the rain or getting down with Rhianna’s ‘umbrella-ella-ella’ vibe. To most, the common umbrella is purely functional, a convenient practicality to guard against tempestuous weather- but London Undercover sees so much more than ‘waterproof’ and ‘durability’, elements most desired in your garden variety umbrella. Indeed, London Undercover refuse to bow to the dowdiness of boring umbrellas, and have since set about turning the object into a covetable accessory.

By combining all the necessary features of an umbrella to ensure it still carries out its intended job, London Undercover also throws in the unexpected element of style. In homage to the watery penchant of British skies, the umbrella comes in four style groups, each influenced buy a distinctly British stereotype. The first umbrella in quintessentially British, leaning towards a vintage gentility that is associated with the smartly dressed Englishman and features an equally characteristic navy pinstripe or a classic tartan check. The second style flows on from the first, with an injection of country side quirk and that cheeky charisma and homely lifestyle the English are renowned for, embodied in umbrella’s printed with English breakfasts and fish’n’chips.

The third instalment of London Undercover umbrellas sees the incorporation of rigid regality, interpreted into hounds tooth patterns and neutral checks. The fourth umbrella is the polar opposite to the vision of British royalty, with an eye for the innovative, effervescent rebellion of forward-thinking British culture. With a nod to the mods, this image features the union jack cast in flirty florals and daring checks. Made of recycled materials, and with biodegradable handles and recyclable packaging, London Undercover’s umbrellas are also environmentally responsible.
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