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Photography by Sohrab Vahdat

Maiko Takeda Moves In Shadows

Jewellery designer Maiko Takeda takes accessory design to a shadowy place where feline fancy reigns supreme.

Central St Martin's Jewellery Design graduate, Maiko Takeda, having worked for Stephen Jones Millinery, Scott Stephens and Erickson Beamon since 2006, shows her new collection using pierced metal, made to be worn so the shadows do the talking.

Dazed Digital: Tell us a bit about your recent collection?
Maiko Takeda: The "Cinematography" collection is about wearing shadows as jewellery. Each piece is simply made of a sheet of mesh metal on which I drilled thousands of holes by hand in different sizes, and once the light shines through the piece the shadow unexpectedly appears on the body as a photograph-like image of organic forms. Although it is an ephemeral and temporary material the shadow remains as a secretive yet main part of the piece.

DD: What do you think influences your work?
Maiko Takeda: I have always been fascinated by scientific and mathematical facts that we usually take for granted as a natural phenomenon that occurs in the environment, such as shadows and gravity. I am interested in using such
elements in a totally unexpected way in my work. Also contemporary theatres and performances have been a big inspiration to me. I like to be involved in the space and physically experience something for a transient moment.

DD: When/why did you decide to move to London?
Maiko Takeda: I moved to London from Tokyo in 2005 to study jewellery design at Central Saint Martin's College of Art and Design. I wanted to experience another big city where I barely knew anybody or anything. But these 4 years turned out to be tough but the most exciting time in my life I would have regretted so much if I did not decide to move here 4 years ago.

DD: What do you love/hate about the city?
Maiko Takeda: What I love about London is that people are very open-minded to different things and also it is such a complex city where you can endlessly explore nice hidden places to eat, shop and wander about. What I do not like about the city is that the tube stops every weekend.

DD: Where do you hope to be in 5 years time?
Maiko Takeda: I hope to be working as a freelance designer creating my own collections and bespoke pieces for art performances, theatres and fashion shows. Alongside, I also would love to obtain further skills in different specialisms such as millinery, fashion and product design to expand the possibilities of materials and techniques in my work. I would like to see and experience as many different and interesting things as possible and am curious to discover things I still do not know yet. I like to enjoy and try my best in what I do and would like to see and let things happen organically.

DD: Where is your collection is available?
Maiko Takeda: For retail sales, please contact For wholesale requirements please contact