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Nike X Busy P Air Force 1 Livestrong

Cool Cats pop up in Paris for the limited edition release of the Nike Air Force 1 Livestrong and Nike chats with Busy P about the collaboration.

In only 6 years Ed Banger Records has revived French music like no one ever did since the “French touch” in the late 90s, so as of today, it is probably the most influent French indie label for electro. All lined up behind the charismatic ex Daft Punk manager Pedro Winter are Justice, Mr Oizo, Feadz, Sebastian, Krazy Baldhead and Uffie among other artists used to making dancefloor hits. Another major aspect of the label is the consistent art direction from records art to videos, promo material etc. Talented Bertrand aka So-Me really gave the label its unique cool and friendly visual identity that you can recognize straight away. Now they took things a step forward with an exclusive line of t-shirts and goodies designed by So-Me under the label Cool Cats, available online with some of the labels records as well.

After customizing the legendary Nike Air Force1 in 2008, to much controversy, Pedro Winter and So-Me do it once more to support Lance Armstrong foundation against Cancer. The Busy P Air Force 1 Livestrong will be available starting this Saturday morning in an exclusive Cool Cats pop-up store in Paris that will last a very short 2 days. The new collection, some exclusive stuff and some classic pieces will be available as well and of course a part of the benefits will go to Livestrong. The limited edition shoes will also be available exclusively at Colette which has been supporting Lance Armstrong’s fondation since the beginning.

Also make sure to check the Nike x Livestrong Stages amazing exhibition, until August 8th at Emmanuel Perrotin gallery in Paris before travelling to NYC, L.A and Portland. In order to raise money twenty artists such as Andreas Gursky, Tom Sachs and Richard Prince were commissioned to create exclusive works of art inspired by Armstrong and his mission to raise awareness of the global cancer burden. And for those of you who want more Cool Cats products wait until September where collaborations with Ethnies, Sebago and East pack will come out….

Dazed Digital: Fresh or French?
Busy P: French of course! I let the "fresh" thing to Will Smith.

DD: Croissant or Pain au chocolat?
Busy P: Croissant, but wait, now it's sounds like a french promotion interview. Come visit Paris, you'll see it's lovely!

DD: Calvi on the Rocks or Benicassim?
Busy P: Calvi on the Rocks 2009 was definitely the best year so far. Corsica is a beautifull island, and fuck their charcuterie is dangerous! But Benicassim for the backstage pool is in my top 5.

DD: Rainbow Man or Mr Cocktail?
Busy P: Rainbow Man 100%, helping old people to cross the streets, saving cats in trees, giving ice cream to kids, stay tuned for the video... But i must admit Mr Cocktail is pretty exciting too, Amaretto Sour and Bloody Mary are my faves.

DD: 'Around the World' or 'One More Time'?
Busy P: "Around the World" by far! I was lucky enough to enter the Daft Punk studio when they were doing it. It's also one of my favourite Michel Gondry video.

DD: Dance Machine 1 or Dance Machine 5 ?
Busy P: (laughs) This is so French culture! I have to admit that when Dance Machine appeared in France in the early 90's i was all into metal and grunge music. I had long hair, a friend of mine was wearing a killer tee-shirt with a Smiley with a bullet hole! But for me Dance Machine was crap and i could not stand this euro dance TV show. On the other hand, a few months later i went to my first rave, and my life changed...

DD: Sharon Stone or Demi Moore?
Busy P: To answer your question, I typed those names in google and just ad "naked" next to it. Sharon won, 319 000 photos.

Busy P: Don't mess with Texas they keep saying, so I choose SXSW. I went there for the first time this year. We played a shitty party for a telephone company who try to buy fun. But I got nice ribs and beans at a BBQ, so it worth traveling that far.

DD: Sea or mountain?
Busy P: Tough one! But ok let's go to the beach then! I bought a giant Jeff Koons towel last year at Target. My girlfriend was all wrapped into it while in Hawai, not easy to do this in the Alps. So beach 2 times!

DD: Blur or Oasis ?
Busy P: Blur for "universal", kind of song you hear once and feel it's part of you since always. I've never been a big Britpop boy, but since i'm visiting London more and more, i'm discovering Stones Roses, Pulp and my iPod is happy.

DD: Cats eyes or samourai pizza cats ?
Busy P: My cat was called Gizmo, I miss him.

DD: Dieu m’a donne la foi ou Shame on you?
Busy P: (laughs) Again, a clasic french joke. Listen, I have nothing to do with Ophelie Winter! Leave me alone with that!

DD: Tour De France with Lance Armstrong or with Kraftwerk?
Busy P: Kraftwerk is one of my favourite bands ever. I like repetitive music.

DD: Visa or mastercard?
Busy P: What kind of question is that? Who cares ?

DD: Damian Herst or Matthew Barney?
Busy P: Hm, good one, but I am not that into those two comtemporary artists. Neckface is an artist I follow at the moment. He scares me. I buy art for my walls, I support kids who create. Check The ERS from Belgium.

DD: Tour Eiffel or Arc de Triomphe?
Busy P: Tour Eiffel, every hour, during 5 minutes it's shinning like a disco ball. It's also the place where we used to skateboard in the 90's. I'm gonna get it tattooed soon!

DD: 'Yellow' or 'Viva la Vida'?
Busy P:  Fuck, again I had to google it to understand your question (laughs). Sorry but i have nothing to say about Coldplay, I don't know their music. Is it the guy the rappers use in their chorus to make it main stream?

DD: French fries or French beans?
Busy P: Patriot Fries!

DD: 'Mellow Yellow' or 'Yellow Submarine'?
Busy P: It's all about spychedelic artwork here, i love both.

DD: Ken or Ryu?
Busy P: Ken, the blonde one of course. He's also dating Barbie in another life. It's also slang for "fuck" in french, so i like it.

Cool Cats Pop Up store 100 rue Myrha, 75018 Paris from Saturday 25th July 11am -7pm to Sunday 26th July 11am–6pm or at the online store .
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