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The Immoralist

Firetrap collaborates with Ziad Ghanem & Maiden Britain to recycle, redesign and pay homage to London.

Best known for their celebration of London street culture and eclectic styling, Firetrap has cornered the talent of cult couturier Ziad Ghanem for a special collaboration. Harnessing the creative force behind Ghanem’s ready-to-wear S/S 10 Maiden Britain line, Firetrap seek to actively embrace the essence of London with this London based, independent designer at the helm of their new project. The line will build upon an initial capsule range of 7 styles of original Firetrap denim, which will them me manipulated and transformed in tune with the partnership.

Inspired by rock’n’roll, fast food and the late 50s, the collaboration, entitled ‘The Immoralist’, fuses Firetrap’s signature denim with Ghanem’s recycle and redesign philosophy. The partnership essentially dilutes Firetrap’s aggressive edge, creating pieces that are ‘loved and laundered as opposed to distressed and destroyed’. Functionality and comfort reign high in the priorities of the collection, while reconstructed denim and modernism give the range a covetable twist.

‘The Immoralist’ will be unveiled as part of the Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s schedule at London Fashion Week in September.