Yang Li is raising money for Genesis P-Orridge’s medical treatment

The designer is hosting a silent auction in New York in partnership with Opening Ceremony

During all the chaos of NYFW, designer Yang Li is joining forces with Opening Ceremony to host a silent auction in support of Genesis P-Orridge

Last year, Li’s friend and artist Genesis P-Orridge was supposed to start a tour with their pioneering acid house band Psychic TV. Sadly, they were diagnosed with leukaemia and had to announce their retirement. In tribute, Li dedicated this season’s Samizdat offerings – his label of imaginary band merch – to the Psychic TV’s tour that Genesis P-Orridge had to cancel.

Both Yang Li and Genesis P-Orridge’s personal collections, limited edition and rare records, prints and the Samizdat/Psychic TV merch will be auctioned through the silent fundraiser, the proceeds of which will go towards Genesis’ ongoing medical treatment. All the items are currently on display at the Ace Hotel’s gallery space – open to the public until September 13. 

See below details of the auction, that will be held at Ace Hotel New York on Friday September 7 from 6-8pm.

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