Gillian Anderson has a new fashion line

Fuck me up

Big Dick Energy probably hasn’t made its way to the dictionary yet, but when it does, the entry will consist of two words: Gillian Anderson. The undisputed hero of a TV show made for the sole purpose of confusing bisexuals over who they were most attracted to, the actor and author is an icon with a voice that makes adopting the brace position into an ASMR experience. 

Anderson is also a trendsetter: her Dana Scully wardrobe made me set up eBay alerts for vintage Calvin Klein suits, she rocked flower crowns long before Beyoncé, and donned Balenciaga-esque layered raincoats when Demna was but a far off twinkle in Kering’s beady eye. Appropriate, then, that she’s now launching a fashion line! A capsule collection in partnership with Winser London, a brand I have never heard of but which is indisputably my favourite, the collection features tailoring, knitwear, and a silky, silky shirt. It’s hard yet soft, masc yet femme. Remind you of anyone?

In one image of the lookbook, seemingly leaked on Twitter by stans, Anderson buttons her sleeve in a way that puts The Rockfuckboy ASOS models and manly Instagram poseurs to shame, her platinum hair coiffed to a kind of perfection that undoubtedly has Tilda Swinton shook. 

“I’m so thrilled to finally be able to share my new @WinserLondon capsule collection!” she posted on Twitter. “This week I’ll be highlighting a few of my pieces and sharing some design sneak peeks. I want to live in them and I hope you do too!” Yes, yes I do.

The collection is available from September 1. In the meantime, please enjoy these two 1990s New York Times articles on the influential style of Dana Scully that I have bookmarked for easy reference. You’re welcome x

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