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Bell & Ross Go Commando

With a penchant for military gadgets, Bell & Ross take on guerilla tactics with their new Commando watch.

Best know for their utilitarian functionality, Bell & Ross create watches designed for extreme professionals, treating the knowledge of time as unwaveringly essential.  With references to military aesthetics and features, Bell & Ross are inspired by the dashboard, which is reflected in the pointed directionality of the multi dialed facade of their watch face designs. Now, Bell & Ross are taking to the elite forces with their newest timepiece.

Designed with the Commando in mind, the new Bell & Ross watch is inclined towards the sorts of forces that move in shadows.  Citing ‘discreet readability’ as the watches characteristic function, Bell & Ross’s creation comes equipped for the most hazardous of missions and dangerous environments as high technology ensures that’s it’s impossible to detect. Perfect for infiltration, the Commando features a neutral grey palette that blends easily into both men’s and women’s clothing. Black casing, a matte finish and grey dial give the watch a camouflage aesthetic, and the anti-reflection watch face and photoluminescent dial mean the watch can be read in any conditions. The limited edition Commando watch comes in two styles, one featuring a power reserve and the other featuring an enlarged date.