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Maiden Britain's Immigrant

Ziad Ghanem continues to recycle fabrics in innovative ways with his A/W 09 'The Immigrant' collection.

PhotographyEllis ScottTextSusie Lau

Since we last spoke to Ziad Ghanem of the Maiden Britain fashion and art collective, his work has crept into the public eye in both unexpected and expected ways. A union jack dress made its way into the title credits of BBC programme British Style Genius and Maiden Britain has also made its voyage into London Fashion Week in February with a collection entitled 'The Immigrant'. It was the feeling of being an outsider and displacement that drove Ghanem to this collection of gigantic leopard print alphabet neckpieces and hand shredded dresses, that still retained Ghanem's core values of fabric reuse and refresh.

Dazed Digital: So what is your new collection all about?
Ziad Ghanem: Its an eclectic collection that takes a trip around the world picking up a cultural references along the way.
also it is about people trying to change their appearances by reflecting the influence of environment and social surroundings.  the result is a masquerade of cultures.

DD: What has Maiden Britain been up to since we last spoke?
Ziad Ghanem: Maiden Britain is still a label that enjoys the work process on each piece we make. We are producing our next collection to be on show in September '09 during London Fashion week.

DD: Was the collection The Immigrant a political statement?
Ziad Ghanem: I would not call it a political statement. I'm anti politics...I'm just sick and tired from all the harassment I get from the immigration officers every time I enter a British airport.
The immigrant is me, you and everyone who just does not quite fit in.
I change my form and my looks constanty to please the authorities but I still can't get rid of my criminal grin and my suspect manners! So till then I'll keep on traveling till I find what feels like home!


Photography Ellis Scott
Styling Justine Josephs
Make-up Ken Nakano
Hair Zoe Argiros
Models Max Barreau and Taylor Warren @ Models 1