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Watch two lovers get lost in a Prada forest

Exclusive: The house’s latest jewellery collection comes alive in a mysterious new short

Always one to make you think, Prada’s latest video pulls you back to a world of primal instincts. A new short film marks the exciting debut of the brand’s latest jewellery collection and centres around a young man and woman driven through a forest by desire. Desire in the form of the necklaces draping round their necks, obviously.

It might sound a bit strange, but imagine them as a modern-day Adam and Eve – only the Eden in this story is a wild forest (with the addition of two models and some very well-crafted jewellery, of course).

As for the jewellery, the unisex collection – which we first glimpsed at the men’s AW17 show – is inspired by the mythic powers of talismans and the belief that such objects hold supernatural powers within their forms, as well as the line between the primaeval and the civilised. And these pieces are rife with symbolism to be deciphered – a wooden twig is held by a golden wolf charm, a glinting crystal looks as if it has magic potential. 

In the film, the necklace appears to be part of a love spell, lending the forest a Shakespearean quality. But this isn’t a straight-forward romance; it seems there’s something much more mysterious at play...

Watch the short film below.