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YSL pops up at Dover Street market.

Stefano Pilati presents the first stand alone space for Yves Saint Laurent's Edition 24 collection

Only a month after the death of Monsieur Saint Laurent, it seems appropriate that Stefano Pilati, the current head designer of Yves Saint Laurent, should be launching a collection of timeless pieces that are instantly recognisable as iconic styles from the founding couturier. After the success of Chanel's pop-up shop at Dover Street Market, Pilati has followed suit and last Friday unveiled the first stand-alone space for the Edition 24 line. The Edition 24 collection  consists of pieces inspired by travel, function and versatility, and, with new deliveries expected throughout the year, Dover Street Market will be editing and curating the collection.

Pilati will also be creating specially colour-customised Edition 24 items that will be exclusive to Dover Street Market; currently, a colour palette of red and turquoise is being used. YSL styles such as patent trenchcoats, safari jackets and tuxedos are on offer as well as luggage pieces. The travel theme was exploited by renowned set designer Michael Howells, who designed the space housing the collection on the third floor of Dover Street Market. Howells has previously done set design for John Galliano, Alexander McQueen and Versace as well as films like Bright Young Things and Shackleton. There is no definite end date for this Edition 24 shop-in-shop.

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