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Photograph by Michael Otero

YCE: Sharmadean Reid

This stylist, consultant to Nike and publisher of her own zine is set on expanding her empire with a nail salon.

Only a tender 24 years old, Wolverhampton-born Sharmadean Reid is already a multi-tasking phenomenon. She’s a stylist, consultant to Nike and publisher of her own magazine, WAH. “We live in an era where DIY is made even easier with home technology. I started WAH because I want to inspire and educate girls.” Next step in her empire-building is the opening of a nail salon in Dalston – “I want the nail bar to be a WAH HQ, I want it to be responsible to the local community too – I just wanna provide a space to hang out.  And I want it to be the dopest nail art place in town! Basically I want the satisfaction of giving something back to Hackney - a place I’ve robbed so much inspiration from.”

Name a person or organisation that shares your DIY ethos, and explain why.
Nina Manandhar of Hardcore is More Than Music and The Cut magazine - she loves teens, mags and social work, like me... 

Send us a picture/video that summarises your view of modern life, and explain why.
This is me in my slashed leggings and 6 inch heels on my fixie. This is modern life for me. Fashion on the go...I’m always zipping around town.... 

Do you think the recession has helped or hindered your creativity? Why
It can only help - you have to be more inventive. People aren’t gonna throw money at any shit idea these days, you really have to rise above the rest....also, rents are cheap on creative spaces at the moment - I saw a piece on Channel 4 news that they're gonna make abandoned shops into gallery spaces. That can only be a good thing. Maybe it will make us like Berlin or something.... 

Music for a revolution - what song sums up your attitude?
Buffalo Stance - Neneh Cherry 

What other period inspires you the most, and why?
1989-1994 - hip hop, tight black dresses, sneakers, Versace, coloured jeans, gold, nails......

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