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Paule Ka SS17 campaign Miles Aldridge Yumi Lambert
Paule Ka SS17 campaignPhotography Miles Aldridge

Paule Ka unveils Japan-inspired campaign

The Parisian label looked to the work of iconic art director Eiko Ishioka for its SS17 campaign starring Yumi Lambert

Bold colours, traditional scenery and natural beauty; these were the initial references for Paule Ka’s SS17 collection, inspired by a trip to Japan taken by designer Alitha Spuri Zampetti last summer. Not only were the country’s unspoiled landscapes a key starting point, Zampetti also cites inspiration found in modern art museums nestled within the forestry of famed ‘art island’ Naoshima as well as “the sharp, geometric Obi belts of traditional kimono and the simplest of folds in the art of origami”.

These references combined to create a colour-soaked collection debuted last year in Paris’ Jardin des Plantes – a location which sparked the imagination of campaign photographer Miles Aldridge and drew him back to the distinctive aesthetic of the late, legendary art director Eiko Ishioka.

More specifically, it was her work on 1985 film Mishima: A Tale of Four Chapters which led to the recreation of a bamboo forest within the confines of a Kings’ Cross studio. “There’s a scene in the film in which the set was made of tall bamboo”, explains Aldridge, “whereas other sections are stylised with fake sunsets; I was inspired by these elements.”

This mutual appreciation of Ishioka’s cinematic vision can is written across the imagery of the resulting SS17 campaign, conceived to resemble the ornate landscapes of hand-dyed vintage kimono. Starring industry favourite Yumi Lambert, the resulting imagery combines a distinct blend of Japanese references with strong design sensibilities to stunning effect.