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Let Me Hear You Say 1,4,3

Newburgh Street is playing host to a two week shopping experiment, dreamed up by Kate Moross and fashion brand Silver Spoon Attire.

PhotographyTara O'SheaTextSusie Lau
The pop-up concept doesn't seem to want to go away as limited products and curated selections are still proving to be popular with bored shoppers. The Newburgh Quarter sees another new retail face popping up in the shape and form of 143, and they are taking an even bigger risk by only gracing us with its presence for two weeks with the support of brand Gio Goi. Shoppers browse the store by consulting an A5 catalogue sending people on an educating shopping experience. The name 143 is derived from the numerical acronynm 1=I, 4=Love, 3=You and that is the exact attitude they have taken towards selecting the goodies going into the store.

Wanted creative of the moment Kate Moross is responsible for the art direction, giving the store its candy coloured triangular graphic treatment and displaying her signature artwork. Handpicked furniture, fluoro lights and a dusting of old school sweets adds to 143's distinct flavour. Moross is also selling her signature tees and prints as well as her Isomorph records and ISO tees for La Roux, Telepathe and Simian Mobile Disco.

The other half of the brains behind 143 is fashion brand Silver Spoon Attire aka Damian Collins and Avigail Claire, who have carefully selected the fashion products going into the store. Their picks include of course S/S 09 offerings from their own brand as well as a global mixed fashion bag; Bangkok newbie Paloy with striking pieces like fringed tartan shorts, menswear twisted shirting from bOUDREAu, abstracted outerwear by Radical Diversity, Lou Doillon's collaboration with Lee Cooper, to name but a few. They have also picked a strong batch of accessories for 143; Dee & Ricky's lego jewellery, Melody Ehsani's blingin' ring watches, Fred Butler concertina neckpieces and Gossip Girl-featured headbands by Pas Commes Les Moutons. Silver Spoon Attire are also launching their new customised sunglasses range which consists of two frame shapes that can be made up in a variety of acrylic colourways.

"It was imperative that we chose product for the store that you couldn't get within a ten mile radius of Carnaby Street. Through doing lots of styling work Damian and I have come across some amazing brands that just weren't available in the UK like Dee and Ricky, Melody and Pas Commes Les Moutons and we wanted to share this with all of London. When buying the pieces for the store it was important to us to have a completely diverse price range. I wanted everyone who came in the store to be able to afford something and there for feel comfortable in the surroundings for example you can spend £1.00 on a bag of sweets or £450.00 on a Fred Butler necklace," explains Avigail Claire, summing up the eclectic range that is on offer at 143.

There's also a charity element to 143's creation with a percentage of profits going towards Barnardo's and a customised Candy Floss pink Sparkle Lo-Pro donated by 14 Bike Co will be raffled up, with all proceeds also going to Barnado's.

143 now open for two weeks at Lowndes Court, off Carnaby Street.
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