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Pam Hogg Womenswear A/W09

Come back queen Pam Hogg talks to Dazed at London Fashion Week about her first collection since the 90s…

Sci-fi jumpsuits, Daisy Lowe and styling by Katie Shillingford made for an explosive comeback collection from fashion veteran Pam Hogg. Backstage photography by Kasia Bobula and film by Pierre Debusschere.

Dazed Digital: This is your first fashion show since the 1990s. Why did you decide to come back now?
Pam Hogg: Well, I’ve always been around! For the last 10 years, I’ve been making music, collaborating with artists and designing fashion on the side. And why now? I guess it just felt like the right time.

DD: What was the inspiration behind your A/W collection?
PH: Everything. I always designed for strong women, people with a certain attitude. Perhaps that’s the reason why I collaborated on the show with girls like Daisy (Lowe), Alice (Dellal) and Jaimie (Winstone) instead of casting unknown models.

DD: How would you describe the style of the collection?
PH: I’m sure you can find the right words yourself…

DD: The theme of Dazed’s current issue is Transformer. What would you like to morph into if you were given?
PH: A catwoman, of course!

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