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Stylist Mel Ottenberg picks from the VFiles vaults

Brooke Shields' crimped hair and styling Pamela Anderson in stars – Mel Ottenberg delves into VFiles' digital archives and pulls his top ten images

Fashion Top Ten
Pamela Anderson by David Lachapelle, Dazed VFiles vaults
Pamela Anderson by David LaChapelle

As part of our new summer US project States of Independence we've invited our favourite 30 American curators, magazines, creatives and institutions to take over Dazed for a day. Today, as part of our State of Fashion week, the radical New York-based brand, store and online phenomenon VFiles is curating our content – from the debut of new show Intern Files, where hopefuls battle it out for a coveted position, to Preston's favourite Model Files picks.

We managed to tempt the one and only Mel Ottenberg to take some time out from personally styling Rihanna, fashion directing the Berlin-based 032c magazine and being a certified pop culture expert to have a virtual rummage in the VFiles vaults. Below, he presents his most inspirational images.


Love the Walter Van Beirendonck SNOW jeans with tight party top and bicep pads for wading in the jacuzzi, and a cute hat to block sun rays.

Skin Tight, Sensibility of the Flesh, Dazed VFiles vaults
Walter Van Beirendonck SNOW jeans, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

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Take a look at Walter Van Beirendonck's amazing archive below:


I styled this shoot with Pamela Anderson in 2001. This is one of the first photos I ever styled, and this moment with Pam might be the most genius moment of my career.

Pamela Anderson by David Lachapelle, Dazed VFiles vaults
Pamela Anderson by David LaChapelle

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Check out our Pop Quiz with David LaChapelle here.


Art direction that looks like a baby did it is really speaking to me these days and Tony Ward is my everything idol beyond forever.

Anal Magazine cover no 168, Dazed VFiles vaults
Oh, Tony! Anal Magazine cover no 168

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The crimped hair and Brooke Shields' "fake best friend glamour" creative vision is perfect for a future shoot.

Lisanne Falk with Brooke Shields 1978, Dazed VFiles vaults
Crimped hair and the hand on hip look – Lisanne Falk with Brooke Shields 1978

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Rei is killing the personal style game here and forever, she cuts glass.

Rei Kawakubo, Dazed VFiles vaults
Rei Kawakubo giving Punk vibes in her biker leather jacket

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This arresting Puff Daddy collage by Ari Marcopoulos from the early 2000s caught my eye when I looked up "DADDY" on VFiles. NICE!

Puff Daddy for Versace Magazine, Dazed VFiles vaults
Puff Daddy aka Diddy aka Sean Combs collaged in Versace Magazine


I need to go back to 1999 to get these fucking pants back. They are mine.

Gisele Bündchen in Vogue Paris, Dazed VFiles vaults
Gisele Bündchen in Vogue Paris, 1999

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Perfection is perfected at The International Male. SS15 shoe research for all the European houses.

Dazed VFiles vaults
A very impressive shoe spread. We'll take the white booties


So many feelings. #IMMATURE

Dazed VFiles vaults
American R&B group Immature – loving that eyepatch

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Shalom Harlow in Dior Couture SS97 is a perfect couture moment for all the gays.

Dazed VFiles vaults
Shalom Harlow gets her fashion tits out in Dior Couture

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