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Marni was one of the many brands that fashion blogger David Tripp allegedly stole fromMarni via Facebook

Johnny Depp's stylist? No, just a thieving fashion blogger

One label-hungry blogger impersonated a Hollywood stylist to steal thousands of dollars worth of designer clothing from stores like Jil Sander and Marni

Here's a cautionary tale for any fashion blogger considering underhand means of acquiring their favourite label. David Tripp, who runs a fashion and lifestyle blog called The General Aesthete, has been arrested for identity theft and grand larceny after using stolen credit cards to buy thousands of dollars worth of designer clothing. How did he do it? By pretending to be Johnny Depp's stylist. 

The New York Times reports that the 31-year-old blogger introduced himself as Depp's stylist at Jil Sander, Carven and Marni Edition stores in Manhattan, claiming to be filling a big order for his A-list boss. His biggest heist was at Jil Sander, where he allegedly walked away with $5,841.14 worth of goods on a stranger's American Express card. 

Tripp was only busted when he called up a Marc Jacobs store to put in an order for Brandon Flowers (guess being Depp's stylist got old after a while). The store manager noticed that the feminine name on the so-called stylist's credit card (Kelli) didn't exactly match the man's voice on the other end of the line. After quickly googling the card owner's name, the manager realised that Tripp wasn't who he claimed to be. When the blogger arrived to collect the clothes, he was promptly arrested by police officers. 

Tripp has been charged with identity theft and grand larceny, and was released on bail. He declined to speak about his charges, but said in an email: "I can say that the narrative in which I’ve been placed is unequivocally inaccurate and unjust."