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Giorgio Armani (left) gave Italian PM Matteo Renzi some fashion tips

Giorgio Armani plays fashion police for Italian PM

The 79-year-old designer advised Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to channel Barack Obama and put on a tie

Karl Lagerfeld isn't the only designer to dish out style tips to political leaders. Giorgio Armani didn't hold back when he was asked about the fashion sense of newly-elected Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi at Milan Fashion Week – apparently, PM Renzi needs to smarten up, take his cues from Barack Obama, and put on a tie. 

"It doesn't do to play the young man," Armani told Reuters, referring to Renzi's habit of wearing open-necked shirts. At 39, Renzi is Italy's youngest prime minister and has become known for his somewhat casual approach to prime ministerial dressing. 

"I would wear a tie," he added, singling out Obama as one world leader who does fashion right. "A shirt with a tie has a sexy touch."  

Armani also advised his country's PM to avoid dressing trendily due to his slightly "chubby" figure (burn). "As little fashion as possible ... some rebalancing without becoming too stuffy," he said, though he did reserve some praise for Renzi's ascent to top office. "From being mayor of Florence he suddenly had to learn to be the prime minister, he's been very good."

Armani's comments are relatively high praise compared to Karl Lagerfeld's take on his German leader Angela Merkel. Last year, fashion's king of one-liners famously said that Merkel should "dress according to her special proportions".

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