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Hogan SS15 Mens collections, Dazed
Hogan SS15

Hogan SS15

Preppy Ivy Leaguers hit up an 80s arcade to play a few games of Space Invaders

Initial reaction:

Ivy League prep hits the 80s arcade.

Past meets present:

For designer Simon Holloway, Hogan SS15 had started with a trainer. Inspired by The Traditional, Hogan's classic kicks from 1986 – the first luxury trainer – sweatshirts were embossed with both this year and 2015, signifying a union of past and present. Preppy collegiate style was also an influence, with varsity jackets, plaid golf shorts and slip-on loafers.

At the arcade:

“I was thinking about the 80s and working out and the fitness boom and video games. That turned into Space Invaders embroidery and a print and that was for the technological aspect of the collection,” Simon Holloway said of the nostalgic video games figures and fonts that adorned the pristine college boy sweatshirts.

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