Christopher Raeburn SS15

A troop of street soldiers in repurposed flight suits stamped with khaki and orange

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Christopher Raeburn SS15 Mens collections, Dazed backstage
Ramses, left (Elite) backstage at Christopher Raeburn SS15Photography Philip Trengove

Initial reaction:

Action men in glitched up camo, emergency orange and ominous fighter jet prints.

Sustainable military:

Returning once again to his favoured recycled materials, Raeburn repurposed original MIG fighter jet suits into hoodies with street-worthy functionality. 

Stand out look:

The shredded moss-green coats in the final looks seemed to form an armour-like exo-skeleton over the body, which fused into a khaki backpack.

Whilst for SS15 Raeburn's models are on deployment, AW14 saw an expedition to the arctic, complete with polar bear prints and furry coats. See it below:

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