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Tania Kovats, Peninsula

Louis Vuitton's Curated Shelf: Tania Kovats

The British artist takes over the Louis Vuitton Maison with her natural synergy and organic sculptures

In their latest edition of the “Curated Shelf”, Louis Vuitton have invited Tania Kovats to express her body of work in their New Bond Street Maison. Further bridging the gap between fashion and art, the exhibition marks their continued support of the creative arts.

Since launching the Curated Shelf in 2010, the Vuitton library has host the creativity of Jake and Dinos Chapman, Juergen Teller, Cindy Sherman, David Bowie, Yayoi Kusama and Tracey Emin amongst others; and the sharing of their work, inspirations and influences has seen horror films, manga comics and custom packaged digital cameras take the spotlight.

This time however, Vuitton have opted for a more low-key personality whose work posses a “natural synergy” which is said to mirror the heritage of the Vuitton brand. Running alongside her permanent exhibition at London’s Natural History Museum, “Tree”, and her “Oceans” exhibition at The Fruitmarket Gallery, also supported by Vuitton – Kovats’ “Curated Shelf” takes an off-beat approach. Featuring fifteen hand-picked editions of just one book, The Sea Around Us by Rachel Carson, Kovats aims to represent the book in all of its forms whilst highlighting the importance of the sea in her own work.

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