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Dazed Overdose Mon 16th Feb: Karen Langley

Victoria Beckham is now Karen's favourite person and the day ended with a surprisingly early Marc Jacobs show.

After an appointment and lunch at Lacoste I headed straight to Donna Karan. The medieval twist and bejewelled fur gloves completed a great show. I then headed directly to Thakoon. I'd be prepared to put myself out on a limb and say it was their best collection to date. However, it still wasn't a patch on meeting Vicky B! Mrs Beckham was presenting her A/W 09 collection at the Waldorf Towers to small intimate groups of no more than a dozen people. Loved it and loved her - officially my new favourite person! Thinking that the day just couldn't be topped Marc Jacobs killed it with a legendary show (that started four minutes before schedule!). Every element was pushed to the extreme. More is more is more!!
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