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Backstage at Jean Paul Gaultier AW14Shot by Lea Colombo

Jean Paul Gaultier AW14

Beam me up Scotty; Gaultier's taking us on a punk-infused ride into intergalactic space

Initial reaction:

Strap your belt tight; we’re in for a ride on British Galaxy airways. Destination: intergalactic space.

Please refrain from smoking:

Staff in silver space suits demonstrated flight safety to the audience – including Rihanna – who were sat in green conference space, like a NASA control room.

“Please put your Chanel bags inside the lockers. Can the French please refrain from smoking in the cabin.”

How they wore it:

Each model was strip searched by a guard before walking the runway, which led its way up through the audience like a ramp into a space ship. Cyber green organza body suits were worn with thigh high metallic wader boots, and shoulders were padded as if articulated over the arm. Hair was worn in a futuristic topknot, or covered by a space helmet-like head piece. Oh, and on this planet fox furs come in an acid neon orange.

Punks in space:

Things took an anarchic turn when a bearded, mohawked male model in a tartan kilt demanded entry on the space ship. A super-cute family of punks followed, including kids in tartan leggings and Dr Martens. Union Jacks were realised with silver zips across punk queen gowns, worn with gothic crowns. Final looks were red, white and blue Britannia patriotic – right colours, wrong side of the channel.

Astronaut Gaultier:

Jean Paul Gaultier appeared for his finale bow in a silver lame space suit. The collection was an obvious reference to The Fifth Element and the scene when they’re in the airport – Gaultier designed all the costumes.

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