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Thairine Garcia (Next) backstage at Anthony Vaccarello AW14Shot by Jacques Habbah

Anthony Vaccarello AW14

Badass bitches in dangerously short leather mini skirts and scarlet patent ruffles

Initial reaction: 

Werk! Fierce! Damn girl! It's attitude and then some. Anthony Vaccarello's women aren't afraid to call themselves bitches. Bad ass bitches at that. They rock leather, metal and the shortest of skirts.

Short shrift:

Remember when Jordan used to get slagged off in Heat magazine for wearing skirts that resembled belts? Vaccarello's took on that joke and turned it on its head. His skirts.were short. Dangerously short even by his standards. That takes some serious bravado. All those pins on show contrasted with the covered up rollneck pieces.


Vaccarello loves a hardware focal point and this season he took leopard print and deconstructed and broke it up into metal plate embellishment. It was placed strategically across skirts and down the front of coats and jackets.


1970s/80s illustrator Tony Viramontes and his strong pen strokes on bright red and black backgrounds were a big reference point. Viramontes' pen to paper action was assured – much like the controlled ruffles which Vaccarello used today, toughened up with a slick of red patent or metal chainmail. Viramontes’ coffee table published in 2013 was called the Bold, Beautiful and Damned ­– much like the woman Vaccarello seeks to dress.


Numb by U2 and Emerge by Fisherspooner. Vaccarello was feeling some nostalgia for his teens/fashion school days in Brussels when electro was rife. That explains the nightclub red lighting of the venue and the flashes of blood red patent made for sweaty nights out.

Models: Cindy Bruna (@cindybruna), Meghan Collson (@meghancollison), Caroline Brasch (@caroline_brasch),  Magdalena Frackowiak (@frackowiakmagdalena), Bruna Rosa, Sabrina Ioffreda, Nadine Strittmatter(@Nadinskastritt), Esther Heesch (@estherheesch), Liu Wen (@LiuWenLW), Elisabeth Erm, Chiharu Okunugi (@chiharuuu0515), Thairine Garcia (@thairinegarcia).