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Vivienne Westwood Red Label AW14

Granddaughter Cora Corre walks a coquettish show of post-war silhouettes and smudged lipstick

Initial reaction:

The post-war privileged dripping in pearls, fur and a powerful understanding of sexuality – a woman who wears fur trimmed hot pants and voluptuous scarlet taffeta gowns one moment, and no-nonsense pinstripe suits the next.

The Westwood silhouette:

Hourglass jackets flared at the hip adorned with giant black hearts, outsized tartan cropped suits, and a crinoline caged skirt with bronzed frill.

A family affair:

Vivienne Westwood’s 16 year-old granddaughter, Cora Corre, stole the show in a cascade of dark brown curls, printed blouse, bell mini skirt and triangle print tights, and accompanied her grandmother hand in hand for the finale.

How they wore it:

With red lipstick smudged at the edges and flushed pink cheeks, pin curls teased from under hats and silk head scarves – capturing the heady moment after a passionate lover’s embrace.


Nadine Shah played live throughout. Vivienne Westwood was overheard saying backstage that Shah had performed at the Westwood Christmas party – they loved her so much they asked her back for the show.