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Jeremy Scott AW14

Scott's babes shoot a high school sexy calendar in jock strap thongs and fishnet baseball tops

Initial reaction:

A hokey high school where the cheerleaders are shooting a sexy calendar to raise money for new uniforms. American football shoulder pads reimagined and wrapped around legs, tube socks as sweaters and even sleeveless dresses, and jock strap thongs worn with heels. Looks like they'll raise enough for new jackets, too.

Late start:

Jared Leto slipped into the front row at the very last minute. "My apologies!" he said, "You all look fabulous."

Go team:

Bright colored fuzzy jersey sweaters. Touchy feely touch down.


A close-up band aid print was on a full suit as well as a massive oversize backpack.


Picture butt cheeks walking in thongs to the following songs: “We Will Rock You”, “Wild Thang”, and 2 Live Crew's "We Want Some Pussy"