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Giorgio Armani AW14

The men came in two-by-two; in grey fur jackets, diagonal zip knits and high shine brogues

Initial reaction:

Outerwear for wintery days, in raincloud grey and wool.

Casual luxury:

Laid-back silhouettes and everyday items were updated in luxe fabrics: grey fur jackets in the casual boxy shape of a denim jacket, with contrast black collars, and drawstring trousers in slouchy wool and black leather. A mottled grey wool coat was worn with a belt wrapped and tied double round the waist, like a dressing gown.

How they wore it:

With high soled, high shine brogues in black, brown and burgundy. Leather and croc accessories had a dégradé fade, and some looks were worn with thick leather driving gloves. Mottled grey fedora hats were clutched with a bag, or held behind the back as if the model were strolling down a promenade.

Colour impressions:

Flashes of claret red appeared amidst the dark, raincloud-like bluey grey of the collection: on rib knits with funky diagonal zips, and slubby oversized, lazy-day sweaters worn over shirts and slouchy trousers.

Seeing double:

Models came out in twos, wearing twinned looks. Shrunken pea coats and softly hooded jackets came in charcoal and navy, while rib-waist thin knit bombers were worn over two subtle shades of blue button up shirts.