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Fendi AW14

Call of the wild versus civilised elegance as boys in monster shearling walk a fur catwalk

Initial reaction:

Furtastic: a call of the wild versus civilised elegance. Survival of the fittest. From the shaggy black goat fur that covered the entire runway as tactile proof of Fendi’s fur foundation to the natural, feral furs that walked across it and the shearling monster motif hats, this was a collection that played to Fendi’s position as one of the world’s leading fur houses and its FF logo – short for Fun Fur. Backstage, Silvia Venturini Fendi dubbed her collection “metropolitan highlander”, speaking of a man who’s connected to his primitiveness and how fur was man’s first garment. Hardcore caveman connotations aside, this was a sophisticated, modern effort set off by precise tailoring.

Ironic luxury:

“There’s an irony to the collection. When you deal with such luxurious materials, it’s very important to work with them in a light way, so that’s why I’ve been playing a lot with things like the head with the monster’s eyes.” – Silvia Venturini Fendi

Up close:

Fusion furs. Venturini Fendi had been busy making entirely new animals by combining different types of furs, but fur was also spliced with other materials, like the opening mossy grey jumper that looked like it was sprouting shearling all by its own accord. As it turned out, it was all done by Fendi magic, without any sewing at all.

For the kids:

Some seriously good leather and wool bombers, the signature Fendi monster shearling jackets and hats that looked like modernist totem pole faces and the gorilla-hand fox fur mittens. 


Gesaffelstein “Hellifornia”, and a sexy, dark mix.