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Ports 1961 AW14

A modern day King Edward VIII in opera coats, briefcase backpacks and marl grey hoodies

Initial reaction:

If King Edward VIII were around today, abdicating the throne in a marl hoody.


Designers Fiona Cibani and Ian Hylton paid tribute to Edwardian England, the modern nonchalance of the (briefly King) Edward VIII and British projection artist Anthony McCall.

Stand out looks:

The roomy charcoal grey wool trousers, which bagged around the hips, and voluminous opera-like coats with stand-up collars and a line of oversized buttons. Astrakhan coats shimmered under the lights, while flashes of claret red broke the grey-heavy colour palette.

Prints please:

The fine geometric white lines over a suit and coat were reminiscent of the light laser projections of Anthony McCall, while the subtle reds running through a Prince of Wales check were taken straight from the wardrobe of Edward VIII.

How they wore it:

With streamlined hoodies worn over shirts and under jackets, and formal solid framed briefcase backpacks in exotic skins. Envelope clutches were tucked into leather gloved hands.

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