Abstract floral prints, paint-stained shoes and statement slogans project artist's values

Fashion Show

Initial reaction:

Model as muse: the young artist. Floral prints were abstracted and dripped like paint, and boots had paint-stained soles as if they’d been worn around a studio. A camouflage coat became a stitched together collage.

Word art:

Scribbled statements appeared throughout; classic bohemian artist’s values, but translated into contemporary language. ‘Truth Beauty’ became a loud, streetwear-like slogan across sweaters and down sleeves.

Precious metals:

Gold accents made the art-school vibe luxe: shimmering sleeves on a duffle coat, a liquid gold shirt worn beneath a checked sweater and a peak of pale gold beneath a bomber jacket.

For the girls:

Smudged, watery lip prints like watercolour paintings, preppy checked sweaters with cable knit sleeves, plastic-coared bomber jacket with a blurred eye painting print, and a sculptural marl grey hoody worn over a prom dress.


When a model wore a jumper printed with black and white image of what looked like himself wearing the collection.

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