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Dolce & Gabbana AW14

Bejewelled knights in studded suits, fur and velvet jester stripes set a medieval scene

Initial reaction:

Cesare Borgia from the Italian dynasty, the Borgias, if he'd been around today: lots of velvet, fur, studs and jewels.


Chamber music filled the space pre-show, setting a medieval scene. The runway became the corridor of a grand house, with dimly lit portraits, armour, and ornate black lacquered chairs. Iron candelabras hung over the wooden runway.

Royal courts:

Gothic cathedral prints sprung over velvet, suede and silk suits and sweaters, some bejeweled. Velvet stripe trousers and suits suggested court jesters, while the oversized, broad shouldered silhouette and studded panels imitated armour.

How they wore it:

With bejeweled crowns, and embellished knights gloves – some with red inlays, like they were dripping in blood. Wool balaclavas became knight’s chainmail hats.

Viral moment:

When Tony Ward closed the show in a dark as night velvet suit, winking at those in the front row.

Models: Mariano Ontanon (@marianoont), Adam Senn (@ADAMSENN_1), Thom Morell (@thom_morell), Noah Mills (@Noah_live), Joe Collier (@joecollier92), Artur Kulkov, Misa, Evandro Soldati, Alessio Pozzi, Clement Chabernaud (@clementchabernaudd), Chris Elsen, Dae Na (@DaeHNa), Hedi, Nicolas Ripoll (@nicolasripoll), Ryan Barrett (@RyanBarrettUK), Jackson O’Keefe, Ricardo Figueiredo, Arthur Gosse, Garrett Neff (@gwneff), Jason Anthony, Takeshi Mikawa, Clint Mauro (@RealClintMauro), Jonathan Sampaio (@jonathansampaio), Diego Fragoso (@diegofragosonyc), Oliver Cheshire (@Oliver_Cheshire), Elbio Bonsaglio (@ElbioBonsaglio), Andy Walters (@andywaltersmodel), Robbie Wadge (@robbiewadge), Mack, Patrick Kafka (@Patrick_Kafka), Nemanja, Luuk Van Os, Oli Lacey (@ojml), Alex Cunha, Jae Yoo, Kristof Kralik (@KristofKralik), Miks, Sebastian Lund (@SebastianLundDK), Stef  Van Geleuken, Martin Landgreve, Vladimir Ivanov (@vlad_ivanov7), Sacha Legrand, Sung Jin, Arran Sly (@iamarransly), Vitan, Edward Wildings (@EdwardWilding1), Sam Webb, Raphael Lacchine (@lacchine22), Danny Beauchamp, Florian Van Bael (@florianvanbael), Chris Bunn (@Bunnburyist), Tomas Guarracino, Kevin Sampaio, Tony Ward