Trager Delaney SS14

The design duo re-contextualise disparate YouTube videos for their new collection

TextNaomi PikePhotographySean Thomas

Trager Delaney’s ongoing fascination with obscure YouTube videos has made it’s way into their third womenswear collection. The design duo’s film to accompany their SS14 collection features a mash up of clips from cock fights to baptisms, referencing the Trager Delaney girl's journey this season. The two Central Saint Martin’s graduates play on her eclectic travels from rural Germany to seedy LA with the involvement of a ”Santa Cruise” print made up of things she has collected and coveted along the way. The collection fronted by supermodel Arizona Muse plays with a colour palette of scarlet, petrol and powder pink while high waist trousers are worn alongside white bomber jackets made up in laser cut suede.  

Steering away from the ubiquitous fashion film their light hearted and humorous slant reiterates their approach to all aspects of the Trager Delaney brand: nothing is made for the “sake of being made….even if all it does is entertain.” The film reveals the inspirations for their current collection, along with referencing the brands overall interest in exploring different medias and new ideas. Set to the soundtrack of 90s favourite All Saints “Never Ever”, the film exhibits Trager Delaney’s playful, yet thoughtful aesthetic.

Dazed Digital: What were the references behind the SS14 video?

Trager Delaney: We are always interested in using found imagery and materials, remoulding and taking it out of context and giving the images a new life or meaning. Elaine Sturtevant was someone we have admired for a long time and loved the idea of ripping her off as she is ripping others off. We are obsessed with found videos and obscure documentaries and we felt it sat perfectly with what we were doing this season. We followed our girl this season through quite a journey; From her birth in the Black Forest in Germany to cock fights and casual sexual encounters in Mallorca, via Scientology, B movies, Aristotle Onassis and Paris Hilton in L.A.

DD: Why did you choose to work solely with stock and found imagery rather than with your own collection?

Trager Delaney: We wanted to give the viewer the inspiration and feelings of his collection combined with our overall aesthetic. We are interested in using different forms of media to exhibit out collection and brand, rather than making a generic fashion film of kaleidoscopes images or slow mo over conceptualised film. We don't want to make anything, clothes or films, or anything for that matter that is just made for the sake of being made. Everything is rolling so fast now, we feel that it is important to make people slow down and watch something, even if all it does is entertain. 

DD: What are some of your favourite stock image clips that you found in the process? Any really bizarre ones…

Trager Delaney: There are so many we have spent hours laughing and silently staring over.  High on the list is the clip of 1970's Serbian rituals that didn't manage to make the cut in the end.

DD: How would you describe the 'Getty Image culture' we exist in? How did it inform the film and your work? 

Trager Delaney: We think that goes back to the culture we live in. Everyone is trying to own everything and cling on to something because everything is moving so fast. There are so many images and clips to be found and remembered in an archive like Getty images that are forgotten and hidden so deep. They are like discovering a whole new culture or reading the Thomas Cook catalogue while sitting in Peckham.

DD: Strangest YouTube video you've ever watched? 

Trager Delaney:There are so many, but an all time classic that we always return to is the ‪Harald Glööckler: Interview. We think it speaks for itself. It is so obviously tragic and so beautifully perfect.

DD: Why did you choose Allsaints for the soundtrack – such a cult 90s song! 

Trager Delaney: That song was a major part of the soundtrack to our younger years and was part of the soundtrack to our Paris showroom. Plus they look banging on TOTPs singing it.

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